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Principles and Practice in Second Language Acquisition
Stephen D. Krashen
Posted: 2004-03-20

Second Language Acquisition and Second Language Learning (1981)
Stephen Krashen
Posted: 2003-02-16


Literacy: Phonemic Awareness and Phonics

Literacy: Free Voluntary Reading

Literacy: Writing

National Reading Panel/No Child Left Behind/Race to the Top/The Learn Act

Bilingual Education

Language Acquisition


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Summer Reading: Program and Evidence (2007)
Stephen Krashen with Fay Shin
Posted: 2013-10-31

English Learners in American Classrooms (2007)
Stephen Krashen with James Crawford
Posted: 2013-10-31

Free Voluntary Reading (2011)
Stephen Krashen
Posted: 2013-10-31

The Power of Reading (Second Edition, 2004)
Stephen Krashen
Posted: 2004-09-22

Explorations in Language Acquisition and Use: The Taipei Lectures. (2003)
Stephen Krashen
Posted: 2003-02-16


88 Generalizations about Free Voluntary Reading
Stephen Krashen
Posted: 2004-11-21

Latest Articles

Language Acquisition
Individual variation in the use of the Monitor. (In W. Ritchie (Ed.) Principles of Second Language Learning. New York: Academic Press. pp. 175-183. 1978.)
Stephen Krashen      Posted: 2015-01-29

Letter to the editor: The Din in the Head hypothesis: A response to de Bot (2008). (Modern Language Journal 92(3): 349. 2008.)
Stephen Krashen      Posted: 2015-01-29

The din in the head, input, and the language acquisition device. (Foreign Language Annals 16: 41-44. 1983.)
Stephen Krashen      Posted: 2015-01-29

Involuntary rehearsal of second languages in beginning and advanced performers. (System 14: 275-278.)
Parr, P. and Krashen, S.      Posted: 2015-01-29

Bilingual Education
Development of the first language is not a barrier to second-language acquisition: Evidence from Vietnamese immigrants to the United States. (International Journal of Bilingual Education and Bilingualism 4(3): 159-164. 2001.)
Nguyen, A., Shin, F., and Krashen, S.      Posted: 2015-01-27

Language Acquisition
TPR: Still a very good idea (novELTy (A Journal of English Language Teaching and Cultural Studies in Hungary) 5(4): 82-85. 1998.)
Stephen Krashen      Posted: 2015-01-27

Language Shyness (In S. Krashen, L. Tse, and J. McQuillan (Eds.) Heritage Language Development. Culver City: Language Education Associates. pp. 41-49. 1998.)
Stephen Krashen      Posted: 2015-01-23

The Pleasure Hypothesis (In J. Alatis (Ed.) Georgetown University Round Table on Languages and Linguistics. Washington, DC: Georgetown University Press. pp. 299-322. 1994.)
Stephen Krashen      Posted: 2014-12-16

Literacy: Free Voluntary Reading
Case Histories and the Comprehension Hypothesis (TESOL Journal, 9(1), 2014.)
Stephen Krashen      Posted: 2014-11-25

Reach out and read (aloud). (Language Magazine, 10 (12): 17-19, 2011)
Stephen Krashen      Posted: 2014-11-10

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